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            About Us

            Zhongshan Maxal Lock Company LTD is a professional manufacturer in design,production and sales of medium and high-grade architectural door locks and door hardware.It is located in the reputed"Hardware Production Base of China"-xiaolan town,Zhongshan city Guangdong Province.

            Since its establishment,Maxal Lock Making Co,Ltd has been adhering to the enterprise tenet of Quality orientation,nnovation,integrity,wholehearted service,striving to learn advanced door control technology and management experience from domestic and foreign enterprises,making great efforts to profoundly understand the demand of modern market,relying on advanced technological resources of hardware and lock industry in Xiaolan,ombining the strong points of different manufacturers,positively developing trend-leading products in customer's need.

            "MAXAL"brand architectural door lock series and project hardware developed by our company are of consummate techniques,environment-friendly,durable,individualized in design,trendy and novel in style,best loved by consumers.Facing the highly competitve market,we will advance with the times,and will further improve processing techniques and enhance quality assurance,and repay customers with higher cost-effectiveness of products and professional after-sales services.



            Reliable Lock,Optimal choice

            Contact Us
            Tel : 86-760-22581786

            Fax: 86-760-22558197
            Email : sales@maxallock.com
            Address : 1 Building North Guangle Road 
            LianfengIndustrial District Xiaolan,Zhongshan 
            Guangdong China 
            Postcode: 528425

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